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Giới thiệu dự án ICO Asura Coin dựa trên nền tảng NEO Neues Update

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 Neu 2022  Giới thiệu dự án ICO Asura Coin dựa trên nền tảng NEO
Giới thiệu dự án ICO Asura Coin dựa trên nền tảng NEO 2022

Asura Coin (ASA)

Website Whitepaper Live streaming and competitive and non-competitive audience of eSport has conserably grown over the years.

The changes are being witnessed in the way we view content in the online and offline gaming fields.

The Asura coin World Platform is a self-sustainable eSport platform that focuses on the whole community and creates an ecosystem that can be self-evolving and self-regulated.

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According to the whitepaper, the platform is broken down into other sectioned such as: ESports Betting & Tournament Live StreamTournament HostingProfessional GuesCommunity CentreCommunity Matchmaking The ASA coin The ASA coin is the coin used to fuel the Asura World platform.

The coin an NEP-5 token that proves a range of utility and functions across the platform.

The ASA coin is used as the only mode of payment on the platform.

The coin can be used for professional gues, to incentives the sharing of quality data, forum contribution and much more

What games does Asura World focus on?

The Asura world focuses mostly on four games which include: League of LegendsCounter-Strike: Global OperationsKing of Glory (currently the most-played MOBA mobile app in China).Dota 2

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Asura Betting system

The Platform is focused on improving user experience and maintaining a wonderful community.

The aim of the team behind the platform is the insole the community in the decision-making process of all the parts of the platform.

The Platform betting system is better than those other ones because of the Unique betting rules and community-voted bets.

The goal is to give users a new and better experience in every activity they do on the platform.

Features of the betting

Live streaming: you can choose your favorite game and watch it as your bets are being played out.Community bets: the community is responsible for voting their favorite custom rules in order to implement the change.Betting rules: the platform uses unique game-oriented betting rules for a new level betting experienceCommission: every month Asura deposits % into Prize pool to maintain the monthly tournaments on the platform.

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Roadmap Q1 2018: NEO NEP-5 Smart Contract Development Commences, Unique Betting section, and Live Streaming Q2 2018: Alpha Launch, Betting, Streaming, Tournaments, Community Centre, Community Matchmaking, Professional Gues, and forums.

April 2018: Asura World CEO @ Amsterdam NEO DevCon May 2018: Asura Coin Token Sale and Whitelisting / KYC The Asura team Asura team is a combination of blockchain technology experts, software engineers and marketing and business operations.


The team is led by co-founder Peter Shen and Eman Abdollahi..

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